Fundraising Event Ideas

Here are our top tips for a successful fundraising event

Whether you’re planning a fundraising event for a small group of people or more than 1,000 guests, here are some great tips for ensuring your event is a success.

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 How to organise your fundraising event:

 1 – Raising money for your charity

Find people who are most likely to be interested in supporting your cause. This may require a bit of research, although you can also use social media to promote your fundraising event and reach out to potential donors. The more people know about your cause, the more likely they are to donate at your fundraising event. Tell them what your charity has achieved already and what it hopes to do in the near future.

 2 – Remember – all ideas count – big or small

Whether someone donates £5 or £100 at your charity event, every bit counts. For example, if 2,000 guests each donated £5, you’d still end up raising £10,000. Two basic strategies would be to focus on high-scale small donations from attendees of the event, and small-scale large donations from particular companies or individuals.

3 – Plan your budget carefully

Set out your budget for the venue, catering, entertainment (if applicable), and any other expenses. The earlier you plan, the more choice you will have. Remember that the capacity for a seated dinner will typically be much lower than that of a standing reception. Therefore, if you want to invite as many guests as possible to maximise donations, choose the latter option.

4 – Think of an exciting charity theme

Booking an entertainment act such as a live singer or a comedian can help you attract more guests, which should improve your odds of reaching your donations target. However, if you have a strict budget, you may need to decide what your guests would prefer – a seated dinner without entertainment, or a standing reception buffet with live entertainment? Get some feedback beforehand so you have an idea of what your target audience would like.

5 – Thank your donors for their generosity

Tell all your supporters how much you appreciate their donations. Keep them up-to-date with your charity after the fundraising event. This will make sure your donors remain aware of your charity – raising the likelihood that you’ll receive further donations from them in the months and years to come.

Our team are brimming of Fundraising Event Ideas. If you would like to book your next charity or fundraising event, don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a viewing.



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