Cyber Attack Launches at Plaisterers’ Hall

The historic Plaisterers’ Hall set the scene for a cyber-attack on London’s financial markets in November, as part of a simulated ‘war game’ designed to test the capital’s defences against online saboteurs.

The event was attended by over 100 bankers, regulators and government officials, who came together to put our cyber-defences to the test.

On the guest list were representatives from investment banks, financial market infrastructure and the financial authorities.

The exercise was named “Waking Shark II”. The event tested how a coordinated hack could affect London’s financial markets, and how well the banking system would be able to respond to such a threat.

Representatives from the investment banks came face to face within the grand space of Plaisterers’ Hall, to agree on their response to simulated threats, sharing tips and advice as they did so.

The event has attracted worldwide media coverage, from publications such as The Evening Standard, The Times, The Irish Examiner and the Otago Daily Times.


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