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Our culture is founded on the very simple but powerful principle of doing the right thing. That means doing the right thing by our people, our customers, our communities and our planet


By buying from an ethical source, using the whole animal and incorporating unloved cuts into a menu, chefs and consumers can help make the food industry more sustainable. As the old saying goes: waste not, want not. Our chefs are increasingly looking at ways to fully utilise the meat they source — boosting efficiency, cutting costs and supporting local farmers in the process. Our approach to production and by the very nature of what we do, means we have adopted finely tuned production methods which means that food waste in our kitchens is minimal.


We’re seasonal and more importantly built around local suppliers. Now more than ever supporting our supplier communities is integral to our approach and with our Venues in and around London we have a fantastic ready-made supply chain, learn more about our London suppliers here.


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and plant-based dishes feature high on our menus, in fact they are top of the list! Our plant-based menus are so good, you’ll never leave crying ‘but where was the meat’. But if meat and dairy is your thing, then we’ll make sure its high quality and high welfare. Our team is on hand to discuss how our venues can support your own sustainability objectives.


Good food is hugely important for both physical and mental health, and as a fresh food company, we value delicious unprocessed whole foods high in nutrition. Wellness is important to us so we have incorporated healthy menus, plant-based dishes, and key information about foods to eat during the day to address issues, such as stress, concentration, and fatigue showcased through our vegan specific menus to our Fuelling not Feeding DDR packages. We work with both Amanda Ursell, Nutritionist and Dr Rupy Aujla who guide and provide inspiration to our teams.


Throughout 2022 we are committed to eliminating single use plastic across our events. We have removed straws, replaced plastic bottles with canned drinks and are working hard to reduce disposable products from our offer.


Providing a responsible and sustainable service is more important today than ever before. CH&CO are accredited with 3 stars from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, and hold ISO14401, ISO50001 and ISO9001, so as you would expect, we have sustainability firmly in mind in all we do. We use local and seasonal produce to support British businesses, reducing haulage costs and the environmental impact of transport.